Places to display your wedding gown

Whether you’re a ballgown kind of bride, or prefer a classic silk silhouette, there are countless places throughout the estate to display your dress so that you’re sure to capture every lace or beaded detail stitched into your gown. Below are some amazing places to display the dress of your dreams, both inside and outside, while you get ready for the best day ever!


With a suite custom tailored for a bride and her maids, of course there are several locations within the bridal suite to display your gown, so it won’t even leave your sight!

The window on the far end of the bridal suite creates the perfect frame to display your wedding dress with a rod large enough (and strong enough) to accommodate your entire party’s attire. Whether you want to let light in for a playful look at all gorgeous detail sewn into your gown, or close the shutters for a perfectly crisp view of its silhouette, this is the most popular option for hanging your gown before it is time to get dressed.

dan-michelle-wedding_TSP-134216dan-michelle-wedding_TSP-134611dan-michelle-wedding_TSP-135221Michelle admiring the intricate details of her beaded gown, photos courtesy of T&S Photography

TJ_Wed0041Tricia’s lace gown, photo courtesy of Greyes Photography

Turner0104Carissa’s cap sleeve ball gown, photo courtesy of Rebekah Albaugh

0019Lauren’s gorgeous gown, photo courtesy of Joy Lyn Photography

AbbyAndChadWedding-120Abby’s elegant gown, photo courtesy of One July Photo

Ashley and NickAshley and NickAshley’s silk mermaid gown, photos courtesy of Dana Ann Photography

0020Lauren’s gown displayed beside her bridesmaid’s dresses, photo courtesy of Joy Lyn Photography

Abbey_RJ_GettingReady_4Abbey’s ballgown styled beside her bridesmaid’s and flower girl’s dresses, photo courtesy of Lauren Sims Photography

AH1_8168Jorie’s gown surrounded by her bridesmaid’s blush and sequin gowns, photo courtesy of Andrew Hayden Photography

Stephanie+MikeMonteBelloEstateWedding-122Stephanie’s whimsical ballgown, photo courtesy of Jas & Paul Photography

AR_Wed0009The sun peaking through Ashley’s gown, photo courtesy of Greyes Photography

ARP23127Melissa’s amazing two-piece gown, photo courtesy of Agnes Rasek

AutumnAndBrandon-177Autumn admiring her lace gown beside her bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, photo courtesy of One July Photography

If you are planning a first look, you might be getting dressed while the sun is still low. With plenty of natural light in the bridal suite, there isn’t a single window that is the best option. Check out the way Jason Adrian and Stephanie Pana played with natural light to showcase all the stunning crystal and lace detail in Stephanie’s gown.

10JASONADRIANPHOTOGRAPHY-Stephanie&Kyle-69445JASONADRIANPHOTOGRAPHY-Stephanie&Kyle-69326JASONADRIANPHOTOGRAPHY-Stephanie&Kyle-69338JASONADRIANPHOTOGRAPHY-Stephanie&Kyle-6937Stephanie’s lace and beaded gown, photos courtesy of Jason Adrian and Stephanie Pana Photography

Our dreamy painting of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Place de la Trinite” provides the perfect pop of soft watercolors to contrast your gown.

hayley-evan-wedding_TSP-145432.jpgHayley’s fitted lace gown, photo courtesy of T&S Photography


Just next door to the bridal suite is our library, so your dress won’t be going far while your photographer works their magic. Boldly painted a deep shade of maroon, your gown will pop when displayed in this space, with other rich accents and dramatic furnishings to compliment all the detail your dress holds.

Kathleen & Arsenis | WeddingKathleen’s exquisite gown, photo courtesy of Ed & Aileen Photography

libraryAR_Wed0001.JPGOur bookshelves creating the perfect frame for Ashley’s lace gown, photo courtesy of Greyes Photography

Chicago WeddingIbukun’s lace ball gown, photo courtesy of Olu Jr Photography

libraryLJ_Wed0027Lauren’s gorgeous gown, photo courtesy of Greyes Photography


For a crisp, neutral setting with plenty of natural lighting, the cocktail lounge has quickly become another popular option for displaying your gown. Angles are everything when capturing the details of the dress in this space because of the natural and accented lighting from the floor to ceiling windows, crystal chandeliers and café lights.

pergolaLaurenAbbey’s beaded tulle gown, photo courtesy of Lauren Sims Photography

pergolaSpevakPerry_0058Marissa’s beautiful gown, photo courtesy of Chrissy Deming

pergolaMayTanya’s frilled beaded gown, photo courtesy of Jeremy Lawson Photography

pergolakm_AUG25_123502Kristina’s stunning gown, photo by Noelle Adams

pergolaCasey_Jay0002Casey’s dreamy lace gown, photo courtesy of Layla Eloa Photography

pergolapergolaMarriedKathleenMike-126.jpgKathleen’s gown, photos courtesy of Annie Steele Photography


The dreamy texture of our custom flower wall makes for another excellent neutral backdrop for your bridal gown. Mary had a great idea to get dressed in front of the flower wall, too, just before a private first look with her father.

flower wallMary admiring the beaded detail on her exquisite lace gown, November 2018, photos courtesy of Jennifer Boris


What better way to capture the beauty of your dress and the place where your marriage began! Surrounded by natural greenery and pops of color from our seasonal blooms, the front door of the estate makes the perfect frame for your gown with its high peaked entrance and unique detailing.

3D8A4606Katie’s dress for her August wedding, photo courtesy of Dana Ann Photography

16JASONADRIANPHOTOGRAPHY-Stephanie&Kyle-699217JASONADRIANPHOTOGRAPHY-Stephanie&Kyle-6997Stephanie’s detailed gown for her August nuptials, photos courtesy of Jason Adrian & Stephanie Pana

AH1_8236Jorie’s gown on a crisp October day, photo courtesy of Andrew Hayden

TJ_Wed0001Tricia’s beautiful off-the-shoulder gown at her September wedding, photo courtesy of Greyes Photography

bonfitto-4927 (002)Lanie’s fitted gown on a gloomy October day, photo courtesy of Lauren Anne Photo


With so much natural beauty surrounding the estate, our bravest brides let their photographers creative edge run wild by letting them display their dress somewhere throughout our impeccable grounds. Pick a tree, any tree, and let your gown’s beauty gleam in the natural lighting.

T&C_A&J-678T&C_A&J-680T&C_A&J-679Jessica’s dreamy gown in the woods, photos courtesy of T and C Photographie

IMG_31936IMG_31939IMG_31938Photos courtesy of Jason Adrian & Stephanie Pana

_RD15454Photo courtesy of Robb Davidson Photography

With so many stunning gowns, filled with such unique detail, it’d be hard to get a bad photo of any of these dresses. Where are you planning to display your gown on your big day? Comment below with your suggestions so we can add to our list!

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