Wildflower Month at Monte Bello

May is officially Wildflower Month at The Monte Bello Estate and we are so proud to share with you what we have been doing around the grounds. We have started a reseeding project that will help save Monarch Butterflies! Milkweed seeds are the only plant Monarch Butterflies will lay their eggs on so we have covered our native prairie in these seeds. Did I mention our seeds are also safe for other animals like birds AND helps promote wildlife diversity? Monarch Butterflies are GREAT pollinators that will help keep the prairie in its native state!

In a way, couples who book their wedding here are helping save the Monarch Butterflies and the beautiful habitat they live in 🙂  Can’t wait to share some photos of when all the butterflies start to come in!


♥ Sara      Sara@TheMonteBelloEstate.com

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